Custom Picture Framing in Mississauga and Oakville

Art is always subjective and open to interpretation, but there’s no denying that the right frame can transform even the ordinary into a focal point work of art in your home or workplace. We know, because we’ve been offering custom picture framing in Mississauga and custom framing in Oakville for a very long time, and the results, when done right, never fail to delight our customers.

If you’re looking for custom picture framing that offers all the quality, unique designs and service that goes above and beyond, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Custom Framing?

If you’re searching for custom framing in Mississauga, or wondering where to find custom framing in Oakville, you might already know the magical transformation that can take place when you get the frame on a particular piece exactly right.

Custom framing is more than just creating a one of a kind picture frame to our customer’s specifications, be they unique art pieces or oversized pictures. Although we certainly do that!

Creating a custom frame is a process that takes the piece to be framed, the décor of the room it will be displayed in, and the personal style and taste of the owner into account. It allows us to offer our own expert framing advice, and then it combines all of those things into a design that is perfectly balanced, enhances the piece without overpowering it, and it makes that design a reality.

How We Work

As the name suggests, when you choose Mobile Art Framing for your custom picture framing in Mississauga or custom framing in Oakville, there’s nothing cookie cutter about the process or the product.

Our team of experts will get in touch to set up a time that’s convenient to visit your home or office and discuss your project. We’ll take your décor, personal preferences, budget requirements and the piece itself into account, and develop a one of a kind solution that checks all of those boxes.

Once you accept our fast, free quotation, we’ll send your design to our Toronto factory, where they’ll take the idea we created and turn it into a tangible, high quality frame. Then we’ll carefully frame your piece and deliver it back to you.  We can even install your custom framing artwork in Mississauga or Oakville if requested.

Why Choose Custom Framing

Our customers choose to use our custom framing in Mississauga and contact us for their custom framing in Oakville because they know the difference that a high quality, custom frame can make to any piece, no matter what it happens to be, and what it happens to cost.

Our custom framing services in Mississauga and Oakville include items such as certificate framing, diploma framing, document framing, conservation framing (conserving the quality of an item), custom mirror framing, oversized framing, amongst other such items.  In fact, we can frame almost anything to make it look unique!

While it’s true that a truly great frame will enhance costly pieces of art, it’s also a fact that a well made custom picture frame can transform even something simple or sentimental into a talking point feature that will enhance your home, add a one of a kind touch to your décor, and bring you joy for years to come.

Custom picture framing in Mississauga or Oakville is more than just a unique accent for your home. It’s an investment in transforming things that are already special to you into something truly unique and memorable.

If you know that there’s no off the shelf, one size fits all frame that will do that piece justice, and you’re looking for something different, we’d love to hear from you. You’ll be delighted by our service, surprised by the options, and charmed by the results.  


Contact us today if you are looking for the best custom framing in Mississauga or in Oakville.