Jersey Framing in Mississauga and Oakville

There are a few things that we can all agree are universally Canadian. Maple syrup, white winters, wide-open spaces and a love of sports. Especially hockey.

There are very few Canadians who don’t have a favourite team, and when it comes to the ultimate in Canadian sports memorabilia, there’s nothing that beats your favourite player’s jersey. Except maybe a signed one.

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these priceless pieces, then you might well be one of the people that need Mobile Art Framing because you’re looking for jersey framing in Mississauga or jersey framing in Oakville. We love sports too, so we’re always more than happy to help!

Jersey Framing Options

When it comes to jersey framing in Oakville, or when our customers ask us about jersey framing in Mississauga, we always tell them that there are definitely a lot of options. Some customers like to keep it simple, while others really go all out to ensure that a one of a kind and irreplaceable piece of Canadian sports history will stay pristine and undamaged for generations to come.  We also have customers wanting object framing services, to box frame their favourite international team’s jersey, be it for soccer, football, basketball or other sports memorabilia item.

Box Framing Options

While you could opt for a simple frame and backing, many of our customers also come to us looking for a hockey jersey shadow box, and we’re always happy to oblige. Box framing or object framing is a term used for framing an item or a group of items together, such as sports jerseys, medals or medallions, baseball bats, caps, tickets, autographed phtoso, or other such Sports Memorabilia Framing to showcase the piece into a framed piece of unique art.  We provide hockey jersey shadow box or other Sports Memorabilia Framing services in Mississauga and Oakville.

How Do We Work?

When you first contact us about jersey framing in Mississauga or jersey framing in Oakville, we can discuss the work on the phone or visit your home or office.  We’ll ask you a few questions about the sports jersey, sports memoribillia or item you wish t frame, and what you want the finished product to look like. We’ll discuss your budget and find out where you’re planning to display your piece.

Unlike many other companies, we actually visit our customers in their homes, or offices, to view that one of a kind jersey where it’s safe and sound, and to find out more about your style and décor, as well as where you may want to display it to ensure a proper box frame size fitting. We’ll consider size and space, discuss your options for frame and backing colours that will enhance the piece and complement your décor, and find out if there are any other special touches you want to incorporate.

Then we’ll take all of that information and develop a unique, free quote to create a frame or hockey jersey shadow box that will keep it safe and protected, but still, let you show it off to the world. Or at least, the few people who are lucky enough to be allowed into your man cave!

One of a Kind Frames for Once in a Lifetime Memories

We’ve never worked with a customer who was looking for jersey framing in Mississauga or Oakville (or anywhere else for that matter), who just had a jersey.

Every single one is a piece of history, that carries unique and special memories for the person who owns it. Whether it’s a favourite player or an unforgettable game, a reminder of the night you witnessed that impossible shot, or just a reminder of what makes your team your team, we get it, and that’s why we offer so much more than just an ordinary jersey frame.

So if its hockey jersey shadow box or other Sports Memorabilia Framing that you are after, we can help!

Contact Mobile Art Framing to talk to people who understand how important that jersey is, and who will make sure that we do it justice.