Mirror Framing in Mississauga and Oakville

If you’ve got a wall that needs a little something special, you might be considering finding custom mirrors in Mississauga to fill the space. We think that’s a great idea! A great mirror with a showstopping frame can be every bit as impactful as a piece of art, and they have the added benefit of making smaller spaces seem bigger and brighter.

Mobile Art Framing has been providing custom mirror framing in Mississauga and custom mirrors in Oakville, and beyond for well over two decades, and there’s nothing we love more than collaborating on the design and finished product that takes pride of place in any room, in any home.

Why Custom Mirrors?

Many people may be wondering why they should consider investing in custom framed mirrors in Mississauga or Oakville will do for their home. We’ve got quite a few reasons that you should consider a custom mirror for your hall, your bathroom or your living room.

First, there’s the possibility of matching your style and décor perfectly. Whether you love classic or baroque, minimalist or art deco, a custom mirror can be created that will complement and enhance the look of your home.

Then there’s the fact that having a unique piece in your home will always be a talking point. In fact, some of our customers build the look of a room around a custom framed mirror to fit perfectly into a select size, or display a large framed mirror or oversized framed mirror, which may be a better option than glass. You’ll never be able to say or do that if you buy your mirror off the shelf!

Finally, there’s the possibility of turning something simple and relatively cost-effective into a one of a kind piece that could very well become a family heirloom, with a plain or bevelled finished frame around the mirror.

When customers come to us looking for custom mirrors in Oakville or custom mirror framing in Mississauga, whether it’s for mirrors at an office reception, hallway, or for bathroom framed mirrors, they realize all of these things, and they’re not disappointed.

Our Custom Mirror Process

Whether you contact us looking for a custom bathroom mirror, a group of custom mirrors to transform your entryway or something else, our process is a little different to what you might find elsewhere.

When you contact Mobile Art Framing, we’ll set up a time to visit your home or office. We’ll assess your style, discuss your desired results, and suggest custom framing solutions that meet all your needs, and deliver the look and feel you want.

Once we’ve determined exactly what type of custom mirror framing in Mississauga or Oakville will best suit your style, home and budget, we’ll take that information back to our office and develop a free, comprehensive quotation.

If you choose to trust us with your custom mirror framing project (and we really hope you do!), we’ll send the detailed specifications for your mirror frame to our factory in Toronto, and when it’s done, we’ll take extra care to mount your mirror safely and securely. Then we’ll deliver it, you’ll hang it, and you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful, functional piece of art every day!

So, if you’re looking for custom mirror framing in Mississauga or custom mirrors in Oakville, or just looking for something unique to transform your walls, get in touch with our team, and let’s discuss your options.

Custom Framed Mirrors - Ideal for Your Home or Office

We can custom make any chosen frame with plain 3mm mirrors, or bevelled 5mm mirrors. This is a perfect idea for a unique over-the-fireplace, office, living room or bathroom mirror.

We provide custom mirrors for any size and with your choice of frame, as well as mirror type of plain or bevelled:

Mirror Sizes

12”x28”                16”x20”                18”x24”                24”x32”                24”x36”                28”x42”

30”x40”                36”x48” (limited availability)       24”x72” (limited availability)

Note that standard sizes are available for bevelled mirrors at a lower cost than a custom size.