Over Sized Art Framing in Mississauga and Oakville

Art always makes an impact, but there’s no denying that a really large piece, that covers a wall and dominates a room takes it to another level!

The only trouble is, that giant piece that stole your heart won’t ever fit into an off the shelf frame. Which is why many of our customers find us when they are looking for oversized art framing in Mississauga or Oakville.

How We Frame Your Oversized Art

If you’re looking for oversized art framing in Oakville, Mississauga or any other nearby location, you’re probably focused on the end result, and you might not have given the process a thought.

However, it’s the process that allows us to offer our customers solutions they can’t find elsewhere, so it’s worth explaining how we do that.

The biggest reason that we are able to offer our customers oversized framing and other unique framing and art services, that they might not be able to find elsewhere, is that we have our own factory, which is located right here in Toronto.

When we visit our clients’ home or office to measure their oversized art pieces, the only thing that is standing between them and a custom framing solution is a tape measure, and deciding what style of frame will work best, complement the piece the most, and suit their unique style.

Once we know what you need, we provide you with a free quotation, and if you decide to go ahead, we send all of the design and specification information to our craftsmen, who turn them into a tangible finished product.

Quality Control, Speed and Convenience

Some people might wonder why we manufacture oversized art frames in Toronto when so many other companies outsource this type of production. However, we’ve found that keeping our production facility local allows us to maintain tight control over the quality at every step of the process, and the improved speed and convenience by far offset any other concerns.

We’re able to offer our customers a fantastic product that is competitively priced, and we can be involved, hands-on, in every part of the process.

Why Frame Oversized Art?

Some people might wonder why you would need oversized art framing in Mississauga or oversized art framing in Oakville at all.

The truth is, oversized art benefits from professional framing the same way any other piece of art does. A custom frame adds rigidity and helps to protect the piece from damage and wear and tear. It can also enhance the piece and complement the overall décor in a room, which helps to tie everything together.

Even more important, when it comes to oversized art pieces, a well-made frame can help to add rigidity that might otherwise be lacking, and that’s very important when you’re dealing with a piece you love – whether it’s a priceless work of professional art, or something less costly but no less valuable to you.

Mobile Art Framing works with clients of all types, who are hoping to preserve and improve oversized art pieces of every type, and we have for over 25 years. We’d love to hear from you and to help you create a one of a kind solution that will transform and protect your oversized art pieces.