Picture Framing in Mississauga and Oakville

If you’ve arrived here looking for picture framing in Oakville or trying to find the right service for picture framing in Mississauga, you’ve come to the right place. Mobile Art Framing has been providing fast, “convenient framing and related services to clients in these areas for over 25 years, and we’re always happy to add another happy customer!

Some people might not know how custom picture framing works, however, so we thought we’d walk you through the basics.

What Kind of Pictures Can You Frame?

People searching the internet for picture framing in Oakville or calling around for picture framing in Mississauga often ask us what kind of pictures we can frame. The better question is what can’t we frame?

Picture framing is ideal for preserving pictures, also known as picture preservation, or for framing photo collages of family members or pets, or for poster framing such as motivational posters which can be used in office environments or student rooms.

Whether you’re looking for a high-end custom frame for an expensive piece of art, want to elevate a poster to a design feature, or are looking to turn your children’s artwork into a mini museum, we’ve got framing options that will work for you.

What Are Your Picture Framing Options?

Another question we often get from people who are looking for picture framing in Mississauga or picture framing in Oakville is what their options are for picture framing. Again, the options are limited only by your imagination, your budget, and your personal style.

As a manufacturer of custom frames, we can make almost any kind of frame our customers want, in almost any size. Whether it’s modern and minimalist or old fashioned, heavy and gilt-edged, our team of artisans can take your vision and make it a reality.

How Do We Work?

When you find Mobile Art Framing, whether it’s by searching for “picture framing near me”, or by referral from someone we have worked with before, you might wonder how we work.

We’ve built our company around the concept of making the framing process as easy as possible for our customers. We’ll come to you to see the pictures you want to frame. We’ll take measurements, discuss your style and décor, find out if you want any specific design features, and take your budget into account.

Then we take all of that information, advise you on the best solutions for your picture framing needs, and prepare a comprehensive, free quote.

Finally, we send your design to our Toronto based factory and turn the picture frame you imagined into a real, tangible, one of a kind piece you can be proud to hang on your wall.

One Picture or a Dozen

When it comes to picture framing in Mississauga and picture framing in Oakville, we’ve become the go-to for so many people over the years, and many of them come back to us time and again.

Whether you just want to frame one very special piece, or a group of items to create a gallery wall, you’ll find that your options are almost endless, and the quality and service you will get when you work with Mobile Art Framing are second to none.

So, don’t make do with that flimsy off the shelf frame to protect and display the pictures you love. Contact us to get the exact picture frames you want!