Plaque Mounting in Mississauga and Oakville

If you’re looking for plaque mounting in Mississauga, then you probably already know about this modern alternative to traditional picture framing. But just in case you arrived here by searching for something other than plaque mounting in Oakville, we thought we’d share a little more about what plaque mounting is, and how our service works.

What Is Plaque Mounting?

Plaque mounting is a modern, strong and durable way to protect and display pictures, photographs and posters using a UV protected laminate covering.

Unlike framing, where the picture is separate to the frame, plaque mounting uses a complex process to permanently bond your image to the front of a beveled and prepared high-density wood fiber plaque.

If all of that sounds very complicated, don’t worry. When you contact us for plaque mounting in Mississauga, we visit your office or home and do all the complicated stuff for you, so you can just enjoy the results!

Hot-Press Plaque-Art

A smooth matte film is laminated onto the print and then mounted on a substrate. The bevelled shaped edges are ¼” thick and are coloured to match the print. They are virtually unbreakable and are ideal where glass could be a problem.


A film is applied over the print which is then heat pressed on Masonite, to create a permanent surface. ½” thick wooden bars are then mounted on the back proving support and a 3-D depth. This process is ideal for over sized prints as glass is not required thus reducing the weight of the piece. It has UV protection against sun damage, and it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

What Are the Benefits of Plaque Mounting?

Plaque mounting probably isn’t the perfect solution for displaying expensive artwork or irreplaceable family photos (although we can help you with those too!), but it’s a great way to mount and display a beautiful photograph, or to elevate an inexpensive print or poster.

Plaque mounting works great for décor pieces for kids’ rooms, because it’s so durable and easy to care for, and because it’s also affordable, it’s also a great choice for offices or fun and funky décor for your home.

Many of our customers also choose plaque mounting in Mississauga because it’s relatively inexpensive, so they can change the images they display from time to time without breaking the bank.

How Is Plaque Mounting Done?

The first step in plaque mounting is to measure the image to be mounted and select the right size plaque. Some of our customers using us for plaque mounting in Oakville print their own images, others choose to let us do the prints for them. Either option is available, and we’re happy to discuss your options with you.

Once we know which size plaque we will be using, the image is carefully and permanently bonded to the front of the plaque, and then we use a variety of processes and products to create a water resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant finish that’s easy to wipe clean.

There’s no glass required, and the frameless appearance complements most modern styles of décor.

Once the picture is in place and all the finishing touches have been done, all that’s left to do is hang your plaque mounted picture and enjoy it for years to come.

Working with Us

As with most of the services we offer here at Mobile Art Framing, many of our customers choose to work with us for plaque mounting in Mississauga or plaque mounting in Oakville because of the added services we offer.

We’ll come to you to discuss your needs and collect your images. We offer fast and free quotes on all of our services, and when your finished picture is ready to hang, we’ll bring it to you too.

Whether you need plaque mounting, custom frames, image enhancements or many other art and framing related services, we’re happy to help. So, give us a call, and let’s make your project happen!