Shadow Box Framing in Mississauga and Oakville

If you’re looking for shadow box framing in Mississauga or Oakville, you’ve come to the right place. Mobile Art Framing has been supplying shadow box framing services to customers in Mississauga and surrounds for well over two decades. Our custom framing service can accommodate most shadow box framing requests, but here’s a little more about what shadow boxes are, and what we can do for you.

What Is a Shadow Box Frame?

People who are searching for shadow box framing in Mississauga or Oakville usually know what this type of frame is, but we thought we’d go over it again, just in case you weren’t sure this is the right type of frame for you!

A shadow box frame is a frame that has a build in “niche” where small (or not so small) items can be placed inside the frame. These items are often secured to the backing so that they appear to be floating. Many shadow box frames include a broad mat around the piece, to enhance the design and balance the piece you are displaying.

Finally, we add glass and the frame itself, so that your piece is protected, and you can hang it on your wall. T

How We Make Shadow Boxes

When customers come to us for shadow box framing in Mississauga, they usually have something unique and interesting to display. Those things come in all shapes and sizes, which means that most off the shelf shadow boxes just won’t work, for one reason or another.

At Mobile Art Framing, we’re all about custom framing solutions, and our shadow boxes are no different.

When you contact us about a shadow box framing project, we’ll set up an appointment to visit your home or office, view and measure the items you want to shadow box frame and discuss design and practical issues like the weight of the items.

We’ll take all the information you provided, as well as our expert knowledge of framing, and develop a comprehensive quotation that covers everything. Then, if you choose to work with Mobile Art Framing, we’ll send your design to our Toronto based factory, and turn your shadow box ideas into reality.

Finally, we’ll help you to mount the objects you’re framing (because it can be tricky when you’re dealing with three dimensional items, and then your new, one of a kind shadow box frames are ready to hang!

Why Choose Us?

If you’re wondering whether we’re the right people for your shadow box framing in Mississauga or Oakville, we’ve got a few reasons why we think we are.

First, we’re manufacturers. Which means that we can make any type of shadow box frame you need, for items of just about any size and shape. You just won’t find that in any off the shelf frame.

Next, we offer fast, friendly and convenient service. We come to you, and we always offer free quotes and advice, so you know you’re getting the right product for the job.

Finally, we’re specialists. We’ve been in the framing business for twenty-five years. We know shadow box framing inside and out, and we can offer you products and solutions that will offer you years of beautiful, trouble free service.